Things to Remember while designing a Digital Business Card

Business Cards are the traditional form of greeting in a corporate world. Business cards are exchanged after a professional hand-shake when you meet a new business person. But, the time of traditional paper business is gone. Now, it is time to switch to digital business cards. A digital business card is a piece of online information that contains the specific details of the business. However, many businesses step back from this because they lack knowledge of designing the same. While in some cases, the design is not done properly, which leads to ineffectiveness.

Therefore, to solve this kind of complication, here are the points that one should remember while designing a business card.

Designing Digital Business Card: Things to Remember

  • Must include a professional headshot

If you’re uncertain whether you should add a professional headshot to your digital business card maker in Canada, you should include one. You will be amused to know that inclusion of a professional headshot featuring your photograph raises the attractiveness and effectiveness of your business card. Therefore, whether you want it or not- including a professional headshot to your digital business card is pertinent to hit the bull’s eye, i.e. grab the attention.

To attain the best professional headshot, you must wear business attire, perfectly kept hair, and a sublime smile. You need to ensure that the photograph is taken a decade back to present the recent aesthetics.

  • Personalize it – add a note.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that never send a digital business card to Canada without a note. The attached note must be concise and brief, but it should be able to reflect your sentiments. For instance, you can add something like this; It was a pleasure to meet you in person at the event. I have mentioned my contact information in this note. I look forward to joining hands in business with you in the future.

Of course, you can always add or deduct in this example as you like. You have to ensure that your note looks personalized so that the recipient doesn’t feel like he has received a standard business card. Always be specific while mentioning the place where you met the recipient or include any other important detail so that the recipient feels that you pay attention and sincerely want to initiate a business relationship with him.

  • Get habituated to sharing your business card.

As you must know that the first impression is the last, therefore it is pertinent that your business card Must be designed professionally and up to the mark. Once you have done that, you certainly would want your card to reach to masses. But hold up before you do that practice sharing your business card with your relatives, family, or friends.

Don’t share your business card directly with your potential business client or partner etc. Practices sharing the digital business card until you’re satisfied that it exudes professionalism.

  • Make sure to scan the Business Cards received in-app

While designing the business card, it is essential to scan the business card. Scanning the card will ensure that no information is lost. Through this process, a precise organization will be ensured.

  • Take Pride in the Digital Card

Now, when you have completely designed your digital business card Canada, a business should take pride in it. The card should be designed in such a way that it should look professional and highlight everything in detail. If you feel that the design is not professional, make sure you don’t use it.

Make rectification in the business card until you get the perfect design. The card should give you pride and confidence. Therefore, the design should be as such.


Designing a Digital business card is not an activity that is going to be carried out on a daily basis. It is a type of one-time investment. It needs to be designed in such a way that it can be used for the long term. It should be done professionally; else, things can’t stay productive. Therefore, if you are designing digital business cards with the help of an app, do remember the above-mentioned points. This will surely you to have a good start and end.

By mirelas