10 Tips for an Effective Youtube Strategy

YouTube has changed its requirements to join the partner program and monetize videos. It is true that these measures were necessary to ensure content quality for their advertisers and video marketers, but it is also true that many small creators will be affected.

Today to monetize your videos you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 total hours of playback in the last year. If you still do not get these figures, it will be necessary to redouble efforts and create a YouTube strategy that increases your numbers as soon as possible as well you can buy youtube video views and subscribers to monetize your videos. For more following we have given some tips:

Create content to relax

YouTube is not a platform for short videos like Vine or ephemeral videos like Instagram or Snapchat Stories. Today users use YouTube adopting an attitude similar to that of watching TV. They can sit comfortably after coming home and enjoy entertaining and informative videos even if they are long.

High retention videos

You must forget about the obsession with creating viral videos and instead, create content that will keep the user’s attention until the end. Remember that the number of visits is now secondary and what really matters is the playback time. For the platform that is a greater guarantee that these are videos that are to the liking of the audience.

Follow the same line

You must be consistent not only in the frequency with which you post videos, but also in ensuring that they follow the same format so that followers identify that it is your channel and know what to expect with your videos.

Create a loyal community

The great advantage of YouTube is that communication with the audience is two-way. Subscribers know that they can participate by commenting and they expect the channel owner to be attentive to their opinions.

A channel where subscribers are taken into account generates loyalty and a sense of belonging.

In addition to responding to users, you can subscribe to their channels and leave positive comments.

Optimize SEO

In order to reach those viewers who could become subscribers, you need to have good exposure. This is only obtained by working the SEO of the videos to be in the first search places.

Include keywords that you identify as relevant to your audience within the video’s title, description, and tags. How to find them? as simple as entering a search term referring to the subject of your video and automatically many ideas will be displayed that you can use with the guarantee that they are popular, because they are search terms made previously.

The importance of thumbnails and descriptions

Among so many videos with similar themes, what is it that makes a user choose one and not the other? You can do the test yourself, do a search, see the results, which one catches your attention? Surely those with a simple but striking image (many elements in such a small image are counterproductive) and that describes what the video is about, as well as a title and description that promise to solve the reason for your search.

It includes good quality images but not too heavy, with bold text that promises the value of the video, colors, eye-catching shapes, titles and descriptions with keywords.

If you already have published videos, you can still make these modifications in the video manager.

Promotion in other media

It is essential within any digital strategy to use all possible channels to promote. Share your content on networks, create a post on your blog that describes your latest video, place a link from your channel in the signature of your emails, or buy youtube subscribers etc.

Create smart alliances

Collaborate with other brands, video marketers, or influencers as long as all parties benefit.

A video in which two influencers collaborate will give greater visibility to both. If you are a brand and you will work with an influencer, you should carefully review their work to ensure that it is in line with your image, brand values ​​and that their followers have the same profile as your potential customers.

Think mobile devices

Keep in mind that today most viewers watch videos from their mobile phone, so you should avoid small letters and elements.

By mirelas