For students who are still attending school, having an effective and enjoyable study time is very important. When children enjoy learning time, the learning material is more natural to absorb and remembered for a long time.

Unfortunately, getting an effective and fun learning time is not easy. For that, here are four tips you can do to make your learning activities more effective and enjoyable.

Determine Study Time

By studying at the right time, you can concentrate well and understand everything faster. Besides that, limiting your study time by making a schedule is also helps to create an effective study.

Learning for hours will only make the brain feel tired and reduce concentration. To be more effective, don’t study for too long. You can study for 30 minutes only, but make a 2/3 session of it per day.

Use the Learning Method You Like

Everyone certainly has their learning method. Some are comfortable learning while listening to music; some like to learn while scribbling, some prefer to use image visualization, and others. Therefore, it is essential to apply the method that you want when studying. That way, learning activities will undoubtedly be more effective and feels fun.


Creativity is also essential to make learning activities more fun. Try to do fun tricks so that you are easier to understand and remember the material. For example, you can turn the content into songs, abbreviations, and many more.

Take advantage of Digital Learning Media

Now, if you find it challenging to understand the material presented in textbooks, utilizing digital learning media can be an alternative that you should try. Through digital learning media, the subject matter will generally be covered through exciting video content. That way, you will understand the material delivered better.

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