Contractor SEO: Tips for Creating Good SEO Content

In 2019, Search Engine Optimization content will be all about the consumer, the audience. If you are looking to improve your content marketing and see a real Return on Investment, you need to use techniques that will benefit them. Contents that are highly ranked and drive a lot of leads or traffic is always user-focused.

That is why today’s tips for Search Engine Optimization content in 2019 points back to the readers, also known as the people you need to understand and remember to get them right. Because if you target the right people, the right way, your content or your articles will see a dramatic increase in traffic or visitors.

Keys to creating the best Search Engine Optimization

Listed below are some tips that can help you create the best (most-shared, most valued and most-read) contents this 2019.

Make your content focused on the right people using targeted keywords

The SEO content that you are making will not reach the right target market if you fail to optimize the contents using a targeted keyword or keyword phrases. What do you mean a target keyword? These are keywords or phrases that your target market is regularly and actively searching. To find these words or phrases, you need first to understand:

Who your target market is?

What kind of data or information they need?

Why the target market needs that information?

Which key phrases or words they are actively using to find this information

Audience research – identify the kind of market you think needs or wants the products and services that you are offering. You then go and find out where they usually hang out on the internet. Forum sites, social media pages or websites like are often the best places to start.

Talk with the people, survey to have a closer look at what they want and do not want. Find out about their preferences, personal habits, stats and demographics.

Keyword research – Find profitable and relevant keywords or key phrases that related to the brand that you are trying to sell, products or services that you are offering, as well as your target market’s search intent.

Topic research – you need to come up with the content topics that are based on target keywords that you discovered what your market wants to know and learn.

Focus on the readability

Search Engine Optimization contents that go to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages has a lot of things going for it, including some of these significant features:

It is incredibly readable – when your target market clicks on the link, every element on that page, makes them want to stay on the page and read the entire content. When they visit and enjoy the materials they are reading, it will make your website look great for search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

It will tell search engines that your page is relevant to every search query. It will tell them that the visitors found the data or information that they were looking for from your page. This signal is called the dwell time. It is the amount of time that passes between the time visitors click on the search result and the time where they return to the result page. Readability can contribute to the longer dwell time with some qualities that are put in. It includes:





To make your page readable, your contents need to relay all kinds of information understandably. Not only that, when the materials are understandable to a lot of people, more people will stay a lot longer in your page and it can help your page get good search engine ranking.

Go a lot deeper when it comes to your content

A big Search Engine Optimization trend this year is making contents that go a lot farther and deeper into your content’s topic. It will work for higher rankings since, according to a lot of digital marketing experts, Google is starting to intensify its focus on the quality of the content. According to experts, Google is tracking, SEO performances of different websites.

Sites that provided great depths when it comes to quality content coverage usually rise in rankings throughout the year. Websites that have mediocre content quality suffered in comparison. Not only that, according to experts, this type of trend is going to continue in the next few years. So, how can you create more in-depth contents?

Write long blog posts, at least 1,000 words

Consider topics that have a lot of angles and facets

Try writing ultimate tips and guides

Go a lot further than surface-level groundwork and research. Instead of using a cursory Google search, try using Google Scholar, an industry publication or Journal Storage to find out new information and studies.

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Improve your website’s speed

Another simple way to improve your Search Engine Optimization content this year is to improve your website’s speed. Help the site, as well as the content displays faster and load fully. The slower a page loads, the more frustrated you will make your visitors.

Just imagine who in their right mind wants to sit around in front of a computer for minutes (sometimes even hours) waiting for a page to load? According to reports from BBC News, almost half of the people shopping online won’t wait for more than three seconds for a shopping website to load.

Not only that, research from NNG or Nielsen Norman Group shows that a lot of users leave websites after 10 to 20 seconds of waiting for the site to load.

Spend time and effort on visuals

According to studies, articles that contain relevant images attract more viewers or traffic compared to materials that do not have photos or images. That is because people are wired to get attracted to visual images and respond positively to them.

But the impact of putting well-designed high-quality pictures in your contents are much higher than throwing a couple of overused and random stock images. Your website will look more professional, authoritative and cohesive if you put the right photos, that is why it is a good idea to spend a lot of time and effort improving your site using quality images.

By mirelas