Do not hesitate! TecDis Data Center Can Also Relocate Your Server

As a form of fulfilling client needs, TecDis services have just conducted a Server Relocation located in the building for one of the clients. TecDis is one of the well-known server relocation specialists throughout Europe and beyond, the TecDis network provides complete services that are unmatched across the continent.

The Server Relocation Service is one of the customs services of TecDis in the form of transferring the previous client-server device at the original location and then moving to the Data Center Data Room.

This service is perfect for you business people who want your server device to be managed in an integrated manner by a professional technical team at TecDis so that it can reduce the risk of managing the device.

You do not need to worry, a number of risks such as damage to the device that causes the loss of important data can be minimized by the experienced technical team of TecDis, as well as the ability to shorten downtime so that your business activities will continue to run well.

TecDis has many advantages for your server devices, including the room equipped with a stable electricity flow coupled with the existence of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the temperature of the device is guaranteed by the existence of hot and cold aisle systems, as well as the safety of highly respected devices by the TecDis team.

The data center network is very complete with many assistive and codependent technologies that are used for smooth work, including Ethernet Switching, storage, Application Delivery, Core IP Services (DHCP, DNS, IP Management). Innovations in this field allow your data center network to:

• Become faster when used.

• Provide better support

• Reducing costs by combining internet networks

• Provides a good and sturdy platform for the business environment.

I suggest an approach to a data center network that starts with understanding the business objectives and operational context of the data center – server-side networks, storage side networks, network services, and application services.

The process consists of the following:

• identify reviews of the effects caused by technology for your work

• Discover making technological discoveries

• Assess the results of the assessment and make a roadmap for priority initiatives

• Recommend reviewing and approving the recommendations and proposed roadmap.

• Execute submits recommendations

Improve this step regularly because of the nature of the technological aging cycle and changes in operations

Interested in using TecDis services? We can also relocate your server device. For further information, contact the TecDis Sales Team at [email protected]

By mirelas