Importance of Hiring a Paper Shredding Service

The primary responsibility is to protect your data, but doing it yourself can lead to severe problems. It does not matter whether you must destroy financial records, customer/client details, company information, or employee files; you must handle sensitive data with ease. In most cases, the sensitive data is on paper.

At the same time, the paper is an insecure way to store it, which is essential to remember. Since most businesses are trying to modernize themselves and reduce their paper reliance, it is unavoidable to use it in some situations.

As a result, you will start to accumulate paper records. Using sensitive documents will increase the risk of potential breaches, identity thefts, and other regulatory issues your business will face. By clicking here, you will learn more about HIPPA laws that regulate personal information in healthcare industry.

However, the solution is straightforward because you should adopt a strict data retention policy and purge documents. Therefore, you should use a professional paper shredding service for the process.

Finding a third party to deal with your shredding requirements has numerous advantages. Apart from protecting your confidentiality, it is less expensive than buying a new shredder and coaching others to use it properly.

We can differentiate numerous reasons businesses should hire a document shredding company instead of doing everything by themselves or throwing everything in the trash. The equipment and experience professional companies have are challenging to replicate.

Legal Compliance

Destroying documents that feature PHI and PII is essential because we can differentiate hundreds of regulations implemented on federal and state levels for the personal data protection of US citizens.

The FTC will enforce businesses that cannot provide the proper security to protect personal info at the federal level. HIPPA laws regulate the healthcare industry, while FACTA targets financial sectors.

The best thing about hiring a document destruction service is that you will get both employee training and equipment with proper knowledge, meaning they will comply with all regulations and requirements. It is vital to learn more about the Portland shredding service, which will help you determine the best course of action.

Increase Security

Identity theft and information frauds are crimes that are continually rising internationally. In most cases, the data source came due to lousy handling of sensitive personal information and data. Often, human errors are the cause, especially piles of paper next to the shredder, improperly shredded materials, and misplaced documents.

Still, mistakes happen, especially if your paper is all around you. It is challenging to force your employees to maintain document destruction protocol in place without placing a significant burden on their shoulders and still risking that you cause a breach that will affect your business’s future.

Instead of taking a chance with your inexperienced staff, you can choose a shredding service that will simplify the process by taking responsibility for the destruction. That will eliminate human error and protect the confidentiality of your data.

Reduce Expenses

Although it may seem expensive at first to find a third-party company to handle shredding equipment, you should think twice because training your staff, buying equipment, and paying for mistakes may end your business.

The cost of manual labor, employee training, equipment, and hiring more staff is challenging, especially if you wish to ensure they follow all protocols. As a result, you do not have to train, buy, or think twice about potential issues. Instead, you should outsource shredding to an experienced provider who can help you without additional hassle.


You should know that industrial shredding equipment can promptly handle a significant number of documents, especially when comparing it with consumer-grade equipment you can get for your office.

They can handle bins of documents in minutes, while the low-duty machines can take a few batches daily, which is not as efficient as you want.

That way, you can eliminate the time-consuming and tedious nature of typical destroying protocols in offices and find someone who can do it in minutes. After entering this link: you can learn everything about FACTA.


Garbage filled with destroyed paper is a tangled web and puzzle. However, a data thief can use the valuable information and uncover things he can later use. Commercial machines use specific options for destroying paper, which will prevent potential breaches.

Thieves have software that can put back together vertically shredded documents. Therefore, industrial equipment will obliterate it through cross-cut shredding, horizontally and vertically.

By mirelas