Is Cloud Hosting Secure? Here’s a Quick Look

When Cloud Hosting was launched, it was met with a lot of cynicism and questions regarding its security. However, with time, most of these doubts were answered by positive reviews from Cloud-Hosted websites. Nevertheless, many new site owners are still uncertain about the security of Cloud Hosting services. Hence, we decided to do an article answering the primary question asked by most new Cloud Hosting users – Is Cloud Hosting secure? Let’s find out.

Complete control over your data

Uploading your data to the Cloud seems a little scary to a traditional user who always used a physical server to store important data. The primary cause of concern was the loss of control over his data. However, most Cloud Hosting providers understand this predicament and have developed systems and processes that offer transparency, bringing control back into your hands without having to worry about managing things yourself.

Some Cloud Hosting features that make it secure

  • If you opt for managed services in Cloud Hosting, then a team of experts ensures that your site is secure by proactively scanning it for vulnerabilities and patching them before an attack happens
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have troubled websites around the globe. To keep your site protected, most Cloud Hosting providers use a firewall configured to identify and block a DDoS attack before it paralyzes the server
  • Like most other hosting types, Cloud Server Hosting providers use the latest antivirus and antimalware software for identification and removal of security threats
  • Despite the security measures, if the data gets infected or deleted erroneously, then the Cloud Hosting architecture helps you to offer uninterrupted services since your site data is mirrored across multiple servers. Hence, the chances of data loss are minimal
  • To add another layer of security, most Cloud Hosting providers also take daily backups of the entire website. This is usually an automated process that ensures that you have a working copy of the website at all times. While site owners must always take backups on a local drive, this feature widens the safety net.

While thinking about security in Cloud Hosting, it is important to note that all hosting services have some security vulnerabilities. The responsibility lies with you. Choose a hosting provider who implements the right security measures and uses the right security tools to keep the sites secure. If you look at the Cloud Server Hosting technology, then it is designed to be more secure than a traditional hosting server. If implemented right, this can be one of the most secure hosting services for your site.

Summing Up

Remember, site security should be the primary factor while looking for web hosting plans for your website. If your site is not secure, then apart from the risk of losing valuable data, you can also lose business and brand reputation. Also, search engines tend to dock some crucial SEO points for websites that have regular security issues. Hence, research well, ask all possible questions and choose the service that offers top-notch security. Good Luck!

By mirelas