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Nox Cleaner is one of the most popular boosting applications. This is a very effective application that offers many facilities and functions such as Clean Junk, Remove Cache, reclaim storage space, detect viruses, reduce heating, block notifications, save battery and manage apps, etc., to its users.

You do not have to worry if your device is running slow and lagging. All you have to do is download and install this application and free yourself by giving the problem to handle by Nox Cleaner. Nox Cleaner offers many essential features to its users.


Clear junk and Cache: It is only from the cleaning process, the user gets more space. This function helps clean all the unwanted applications, junk files, cache files, obsolete data, residual files, clipboard content, and reduce the space filled unwantedly. You can clean your device within a single tap like Clean Master.

Inbuilt Antivirus software: This function scans viruses such as malware, Trojans, adware, unauthorized accesses, and protects the users’ data against such threats. This protects your data from damages and secures guard your privacy.

Memory Booster: The heavy processes slow down your phone and make the phone lagging. Nox Cleaner frees up the memory by deleting unwanted processes, frees up the RAM, and makes the device lighter speedier. This feature mainly useful for budget Android TV sticks. Use Filelinked to install this app easily on your Android TV.

CPU Cooling facility: This facility is way more important for users who have problems with their heating phones. This CPU Cooling facility closes all the applications and files that drain the battery and power the device’s temperature. This is way more beneficial to users who watch videos and play video games.

Notification Blocker: This function blocks the unnecessary notifications that pop up and clean the notification bar. This helps to boost quickly.

Battery Saver: This function can be considered an essential function since many users do not know why their batteries drain so fast. Nox Cleaner gives the solution for this state. It detects the applications and files that drains the battery and close all the files and applications that run in the background.

App and image manager: This function offers the facility uninstalled apps that are less needed and free up the device storage for more important files and applications. You can manage them and uninstall them anytime. Besides, Nox Cleaner analyzes the photo gallery. It separates the pictures into different albums to see similar photos and delete them to save storage.

App Locker: Nox Cleaner provides you an app locker where you can assign to every application. It helps to protect your privacy and secure your files from unwanted access. You can put a pattern, pin lock, and fingerprint.

Nox Cleaner to your windows and Mac PC

Nox cleaner is now available for windows and mac PC. For this you need to have nox player installed on your PC. You can download Nox player to your windows and Mac PC from the official website for free. Through Nox player you can download nox cleaner to your PC very easily. After that install nox cleaner to your windows or mac PC with Nox player.


Nox Cleaner is a viral app among 50 million users. Before using the app, you should permit access to contacts and storage. When assigning fingerprints for your app locker, your android device should be in 6.0 or a higher version. The application is compatible with any platform such as Android and Windows. So, the users do not need to worry about downloading it to their device. Visit https://www.dialapk.com for Android apps and games.