Promising types of business for beginners are easy to run

promising and easy to run type of business for beginners. The world of business for beginners is like a wilderness, you need guides and strategies if you want to start plunging in it.

There are so many businesses that you can run, but determining the right business for those of you who are just starting a business must of course have a lot of consideration.

Business knowledge is needed to conquer the business world. Well, on this occasion, Folderbusiness will review 10 types of businesses for beginners that are easy to run.

Join the franchise business

First, let’s differentiate between what fanchaise means here. In the first point, this means that you are following a certain product fanchaise system by registering with the business owner, then you get a license to sell the products in the franchaise.

For those who are experienced, you can set up your own franchaise business and sell your business license to people who are interested in collaborating and selling concepts and products from your business.

This is our first business recommendation for those of you who are beginners. One of the advantages of the Franchise business is that we don’t have to bother thinking about innovation and complicated business management.

We will get guidance from A-Z about the business that we will run. This business is perfect for beginners who are just starting out in the business world.


Those of you who are able to produce snacks / snacks will benefit greatly. But for those of you who don’t produce yourself, you can take it from the manufacturer.

Snacks are foods that are in demand by some people. This business is sure to sell, and highly recommended for beginners. You can start selling snacks as a side activity. Or you directly produce on a small to medium scale.

Create a tantalizing food display, attractive packaging, and determine a competitive price, and of course a delicious taste.

If you don’t produce it yourself, stock up on snacks at home and you can start selling online and offline to your friends.


What is dropship, Dropship is a system of selling goods belonging to other people (producers) to buyers, without you knowing the condition of the goods, the goods are sent directly from the manufacturer to the buyer on your behalf, you act as a liaison.

You can look for suppliers who open a drop ship system, or you can take advantage of large market places.

The dropshipping system is very profitable, because the capital spent is almost non-existent. You only need a smartphone, a social media account for promotions / websites.

Selling with a dropshipping system requires patience in dealing with questions from prospective buyers. You need to learn knowledge products to be successful in buying and selling the dropship system.

You don’t need stock items, so you don’t need a store or warehouse. For those of you who are beginners in buying and selling and still have minimal capital, becoming a dropshiper is the right choice.

Smartphone accessories

Do you have a smartphone? A smartphone must have some supporting equipment, for example; casing, anti-scratch, waterproof, hearphone and so on.
Almost everyone has a smartphone, so the business selling smartphone accessories is a potential business opportunity. Because it’s easy and doesn’t require special skills, the smartphone business is suitable for those of you who are just starting a business.

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By mirelas