Selling your old gold jewellery pieces to gold buyers

Pure gold or 24k gold is a soft, orange-yellow metal which is highly durable and easy to work with. It is almost impossible to maintain jewellery out of it because it is too delicate and soft. In Hong Kong where 24k jewellery is made as a result the jewellery is often damaged or crushed. This then leads to many Chinese cashing in their damaged 24k jewellery to a local gold buyers for cash or even to exchange for solid gold bullion bars.

Australian or European jewellery is always alloyed down to give it strength, this means that jewelers combine pure 24k gold with other metals such as silver and copper to obtain the necessary karat. Whilst It’s value is determined by the amount of gold inside the jewellery it makes the jewellery more durable and practical preventing damage while wearing it.

There are two types of hallmark systems in the world for determining the amount of pure gold in jewellery. In the United States and Australia, its stamped by the karat, whilst most counties in Europe prefer the Numeric system. An example of this is 18k vs 750.

In order to sell gold jewellery at the right price you need to be informed of the basic information, here are a few important pieces of information that will help you with the process.

How much does gold cost?

Gold is 75 times more expensive than silver at the time of writing this essay that is why it’s a great time if you have decided to sell gold jewellery. Gold is high demand due to political instability and inflationary pressure. As a result you will find many gold buyers in your local area looking to buy your gold from you at leading rates. With gold prices increasing by the day you could be sitting on a small fortune of unwanted gold jewellery.

How much gold is in my jewellery

Most Australians have 9k or 18k gold. This means that your gold jewelley is 37.5% gold and 62.5% other alloy such as copper and silver. 18k gold means you have double the gold at 75% and 25% other alloy. This means owning 18k will get you double the amount of money as what selling 9k jewellery would get you. Anything plated or filled does not contain any gold and therefore can not be sold to a gold buyers.

Sell Gold Jewellery to Gold Buyers

There are many reliable jewellery buyers who can assist you in selling your jewellery promptly, safely, and for a reasonable price. Search Google for the different gold buyers in your area. Give a few a call or check their website what they are paying per gram. The price offered on the gold buyers websites is what is known as the buyback. This is usually 80 – 90% of the gold value and is formulated to reflect what karat gold you have to sell.

Now that you know the basics in gold jewellery why not cash in some of that unwanted gold jewellery today while gold prices are still high!

By mirelas