The Automatic Car Parking System Is Very Cost-Effective, Space-Saving, and Versatile

Automatic Car Parking Lifts, Nationally, Land or land price values ​​and density in urban areas increase, the area for parking and garage locations decreases. Residents and the surrounding community often park in the roadside area, while aesthetically it is very unsightly; Meanwhile, developers are trying to make garages underground but operational costs are increasingly expensive and logistically difficult to build, especially in areas that have already built houses or tall buildings, if you want to make a good parking space in offices, malls, hotels and other places that need a big parking access control installation companies its solution.

Many people assume that the land for parking cars or motorbikes is very limited especially in manufacturing companies and hotels and apartments with the number of vehicles always increasing, can worsen. So the idea is to use budgeted space for better parking, developers move to automatic parking systems for space conservation, affordability, and the flexibility they offer to car users.

Space Conservation

The average size of the garage requires three to six times more square than the actual dimensions of the car in order to accommodate the space, ramps and dimensions of the standard parking space.

The size of each square needed per car is up to 80{fdbd0ccb61e7238485356800e3ea86ca3bdaae791b81f5665d6d805cc534cc92}, removes ramps, concrete slabs and in some cases, makes the aisle to be used as more efficient vertical space. The semi-automatic parking system is used to carry the car and put it in many configuration settings like puzzles depending on how much the structure is. In this case it takes an average of 33 seconds, with the flexibility to go up to seven floors and clear elevation needed 12 feet with a two-level system.


Automatic parking can be said to be very flexible and adaptive, in other words it can easily fit into a space that is not suitable for a conventional parking garage or the like.

“One of the uses of automatic parking systems is the use of highly adaptive”. You can remodel the structure, move places and rediscover data on the equipment or maybe even take up a lot of space to rent at a lower cost.

Automated parking is not a new concept, but technological civilizations in parking systems and vehicles, combined with increasingly congested cities, have created urban planning plots by considering something effective as a solution to a problem to make it more feasible, environmentally friendly and space-free .

By mirelas