The Right Way to Drink Water to Lose Weight Fast

Maybe you’ve heard of the benefits of water for weight loss. In fact it is true. Even so, you can’t drink water carelessly huh. Excessive consumption will only make you overhydrated and of course something too much is not good. Then how do you drink the right water for dieting or losing weight? Here are among them.

Drink before you eat

Water consumption will control your appetite. By drinking water, you will feel full and the amount of food you consume will decrease.

Replace consumption of drinks that contain calories with water

Start leaving the consumption of bottled juices, sodas and boxed teas that contain lots of calories. In addition to making you gain weight, consumption of high-calorie and sugar drinks will increase the risk of various diseases, such as heart disease and stroke.

You can also add water with a lemon wedge

Instead, consume water. If you get bored, you can add a lemon wedge. The pectin content in lemons also makes you reduce excess food consumption. Try it for a few weeks and see how it works.

Drinking cold water can also make your body work hard so that it burns more calories

Drinking ice water also helps boost your metabolism because your body is working harder to warm the water. That way, your body will burn more calories so that you will lose weight. Not to mention, cold water is also fresher than ordinary water.

Combine with exercise at the gym or gym

Water is also useful for preventing muscle cramps and lubricating joints. That way, you can exercise longer. A well hydrated body will help you lose weight.

Make sure you drink enough

If you really want to lose weight, you need to drink at least eight glasses or two liters per day. You can increase the amount of water you need to drink if you have a lot of activity or exercise that makes you sweat.

Meanwhile, the easiest way to find out whether you drink enough or not is by looking at your urine. See if it is clear or light yellow.

Make sure you are in good health and don’t have an eating disorder

As explained earlier, drinking water will reduce your food consumption. Therefore, make sure you are not experiencing an eating disorder. Remember that your body also needs lots of nutrients. Besides that, you shouldn’t go on a water diet if you’re already underweight.

That was how to drink water that is right for dieting and reducing weight. Pay close attention, don’t overdo it. Something that is too much must end up bad. Greetings healthy body and soul!

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By mirelas