This Homework Can Lose Weight?

Just like exercising, without realizing it, cleaning the house can actually burn the stored calories in the body. In addition, you are also advised to take supplements to overcome your weight problems. Meticore reviews the right solution for you in overcoming your weight problem. You can visit the site for more details

1. Wash the bathroom

This bathroom cleaning activity can burn up to 200 calories every 60 minutes. In addition, squatting / kneeling and scrubbing floors, walls, and bathtubs can also help burn more calories and tone / tone muscles.

The cleanliness of the bathroom can usually be a reflection of the cleanliness of the occupants of the house. Therefore, you are advised to wash the bathroom or toilet regularly, at least once (1) a week.

2. Clean the house with a vacuum cleaner / vacuum cleaner

Cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner can cut up to 230 calories every 60 minutes. Do this activity regularly, at least 2-3 times a week, to keep your house clean, as well as create your ideal body!

Living in tropical areas such as Indonesia, the presence of dust and dirt is everywhere, including in the house. One way to get rid of dust quickly and effectively is to use a vacuum cleaner.


3. Sweep and mop the house

In the process of cleaning the house, sweeping and mopping are inseparable parts. However, it turns out that this sweeping and mopping activity is not just about cleaning, it can also burn up to 340 calories in 60 minutes. Wow!

According to the Huffington Post, sweeping and mopping the floor for 30 minutes can burn 153 calories & 187 calories, respectively. Not only that, the activity of sweeping and mopping the floor can also help shape and tone your arm muscles, as well as shrink sagged arms (bye-bye sagged arms!)

4. Clean the windows of the house

Still want to burn more calories? The process of washing and wiping house windows can also reduce your body’s calorie pile by 167 calories in just 30 minutes.

Your window glass is one of the parts in the house that is most frequently affected by dust. Therefore, you are also advised to wash and wipe the windows of your house regularly.

5. Cooking and washing dishes

Are you a person who likes to cook and do kitchen activities? You need to know that in addition to serving delicious food, cooking activities can burn approximately 100 calories for 60 minutes. Plus, you can burn an additional 50 calories by washing the dishes for 30 minutes as well.

By doing all the cleaning activities above, you can burn approximately 1000 calories which is equivalent to a 2 hour session in the gym. But the difference is, you don’t have to pay a penny to do it and you also create a clean and comfortable home at the same time.

By mirelas