Tips for Making Banner to Look Attractive and Effective

Some requirements must be met if you want to make an effective and attractive Banner. So, the message you want to convey can be received by anyone who is targeted. Banners that are usually used as advertising or media to disseminate information must be professionally designed. You can also use the services of Big Foot Signs.

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Tips for Making Banner to Look Attractive and Effective

In this article, we will give a little idea of how to make our Banner look more attractive and effective, including:

1). Simple

A simple but attractive design, the easier it is for anyone to capture the message to be conveyed through the media. Simplicity will make Banner look faster to remember.

2). Use interesting photos or images

Photos, Pictures, or designs can be used to express many words, even when the banners do not involve any writing. Involving third parties such as designers or professional photographers is very necessary, in order to make the Banner more interesting and be able to convey the message contained in the banner.

3). Use words that are concise and clear

Words generally included clarifying the delivery of messages. Choose words that are brief but clear and meaningful, which should be read and understood in less than 5 seconds. In addition to the choice of words, choose the type of letters that are easy to read and easy to understand, so that, even if seen only briefly, the writing has left an impression on the people who see it.

4). Colour selection

One of the secrets of making writing easy to read and remember is choosing the right color and having a high level of contrast. Avoid entering too much different information.

 As stated above, usually the drivers or people who cross the road generally do not have much time to read various information listed on the board. So, as much as possible avoid entering too much different information so that the Banner looks more focused and the information conveyed can be captured with only one eye.

 If you want to enter two or more information, make sure you make a priority. The headline must be written in clear, large letters and easy to read. Whereas secondary information must be written in a smaller size so that it does not interfere with the main information.

By mirelas