Trends in using a smartwatch for body health, this is its function


More and more technology companies are presenting smartwatch products (smart watches). This makes people interested in using and utilizing its features.

The features in the smartwatch can monitor human activity, and can even help support fitness and health programs. Tempo tries to summarize several features in a smartwatch that can monitor daily activities, including these features:

1. Count steps

Some brands have embedded features in the watch to calculate the user’s daily steps. That way you can monitor how many steps you walk during the day. The smart watch has also set its users to walk 10 thousand steps every day.

After the user has walked 10 thousand steps, the user will be given a vibration notification on the smartwatch as an appreciation. In addition to counting steps, the user will also know how far the steps have been, also count up and down stairs, and count calories.

2. Monitor heart rate

A low heart rate means that you have a strong heart and can pump an adequate amount of blood around your body with minimal movement. For example, according to the interesting engineering page, if you’re 33, your maximum heart rate is 187.

Today, smart watch manufacturers are connecting it by installing heart rate monitoring technology on their watches. Start by understanding how your heart rate responds during exercise, as this is the first step towards effective training for fitness.

The smartwatch can monitor and measure heart rate through sensors on the watch. The smartwatch will show you basic heart rate data, how fast is the heart rate per minute.

3. Sports coach

Many smart watches have also been equipped with several advanced health and fitness features, such as the Fitbit brand which has a Coach feature, which can manage several light exercise activities. Then there is the Excercise feature, to monitor sports such as running, cycling, swimming, treadmills, lifting weights and others.

For swimming, several brands have also issued waterproof smart watch products, even up to a depth of 50 to 100 meters. In addition, the smartwatch can even regulate how much mineral water enters the body.

4. Sleep monitoring

As silly as it may sound, sleeping well at night is the foundation for a healthy and happy life. Some smart watch models offer features that can record the user’s sleep activity.

With a smartwatch, users can find out the quality of their sleep, such as sleeping position and even snoring problems. After knowing how the sleep quality is through recorded data, of course, users can decide to make their sleep patterns better. KoreTrak is a sophisticated SmartWatch and very useful for your health, KoreTrak also has a nice design so it is perfect for fashion too

By mirelas