What is Cryptocurrency and what is the New Token HODL?

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In the past decade, there were so many technological breakthroughs. It’s the 90s again when the invention of the internet made a revolution in all life’s segments. Now, other tech inventions are driving the wheels, and we can expect an even more exciting future.

Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, smartphones, 5G network, all these things were introduced or rose in popularity during the previous decade. One of the most significant among them is definitely the cryptocurrency market, which keeps on growing and introducing new features. Check more about this here.

In this article, we’re talking more about the crypto sphere and its prospects. We will explain what it is, why it is important, and what can you do with it. Read on if you want to know more about it, and become an expert in the crypto world.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Unlike fiat currencies who can be held in hands, cryptocurrencies exist only in a digital form. They are also known as coins, and one can hold millions of them. Some of the most popular ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, etc. They are used for payments through the internet and can’t be taken out from the ATM in a physical form.

There’s no one Bitcoin bill like there’s a dollar bill. However, they can be exchanged into a fiat currency and get a physical form, thus, use in stores, or paying for services.

Since today everything’s digitalized, and we all use debit or credit cards to pay, you can say that fewer people use actual bills. Even smartphones are now adjusted for this matter. You don’t have to own a payment tool, you only need to touch your smartphone to the terminal, and you’ll authorize the transaction.

Stores that accept cryptocurrencies can easily connect to your smartphone’s app containing the e-wallet filled with cryptocurrencies. That makes paying as easy as possible. Lots of companies now pay their employees in crypto, so you can say that they are turning into a conventional payment method.

Why is it important?

The future of payment and trading lies within the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technologies. We’re facing a revolution in the world of economy, but we might not be aware of it yet. This is why the cryptocurrencies of today are so important.

What is the new HODL token?

The new HODL token is a brand new coin that is only a couple of months old. In the ocean of digital currencies, it’s only a matter of time when some of them are going to be the next bitcoin success, and this one might be the one.

The whitepaper made by these guys is one of the most prosperous out there. Their plan to make things work is spectacular. It’s crucial to see how their plan is going to drive forward and if everything goes according to plan, this coin is going to see some tremendous success.

Can you profit out of it?

Of course; you can profit from every currency, and the HODL is probably one of those that can’t go wrong. If you invest in it during this early stage, it can only grow in the future making you tons of profits. Based on their idea, this coin is based on the term “hold” which means you just need to own a wallet of it and money will start rolling in.

The coin is called $HODL and by holding it, you’ll get more of it over time. Additionally, you get rewards in $BNB daily, which makes one of the best investments in the crypto market right now.

Know more about blockchain

Blockchain is one of those breakthrough technologies we mentioned at the beginning. It’s an exciting new world in which businesses and individuals can seamlessly manage their digital funds.

There are more different blockchains – Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos, etc. They all have different functions and features and can back various projects and online platforms. See more of them that are popular this year here: https://searchcio.techtarget.com/feature/Top-9-blockchain-platforms-to-consider.

The main characteristic of the blockchain is that it writes smart contracts and lets everyone witness these contracts. Whenever a block is created inside the blockchain, there’s no way for anyone to remove it and alter the agreement, document, transaction, or whatever it is.

Supersmart and superfast computers all run together for the benefit of these platforms. They solve extremely complex operations to the crypt and decrypt messages making the entire system non-hackable.


Now you know more about this industry, so it’s a matter of time how much you’re time you’ll spend by not taking part in this rising industry. If you think this is interesting for you, don’t hesitate to put some money on and start profiting. It’s a developing business, and it’s crucial to be among the first ones to explore it.