Why Should VIP Bodyguard Training Include a Theoretical Component?

Many of us have a picture of what a bodyguard should look like, and what they should be good at. Most of you are picturing a large man, with plenty of muscles and a natural inclination towards physical fitness. However, these features are not all that important in order to provide exceptional close protection services; this is why VIP protection training should also include a strong theoretical component.

What Theory is Relevant to VIP Protection?

There is some knowledge that bodyguards need that goes beyond the physical dimension, this theoretical knowhow will help them to provide quality close protection services that are not limited to physical attributes. Some theory that should be included in VIP bodyguard training includes:

  • Law and Power of Arrest
  • Personal Protocol and Etiquette
  • Project Management Skills
  • The Organisation of a Close Protection Team

How Would Theory Help Bodyguards to Provide Quality Services?

By learning the above-mentioned information, close protection agents will have the knowledge needed to provide quality services to clients that go beyond the physical. Agents will be able to manage themselves and their teams better, they will also be able to coordinate events and manage their team members’ time accordingly. The different types of skills acquired, such as emergency response training, will also supplement candidates with the knowledge and practice they need to handle any crisis or sticky situation.

Which VIP Bodyguard Training Courses Include Theory?

In order to determine whether the VIP bodyguard training you’re interested in offers the important theory that every aspiring close protection officer should learn, you should have a look at the course content. The course content of your chosen training academy will be able to show you whether you will be able to use what you have learnt in the course to become an industry professional. The various components of the course will also help you to load your CV with skills such as first aid training and advanced driving; and who wouldn’t want a full CV bound to get you hired as a VIP protection officer?

By mirelas