6 Unique Cafe in Bangkok, It’s a Pity if You Just Skip It

Bangkok, Thailand, has become one of the favorite destinations for travelers abroad. Besides having many choices of interesting tourist attractions, this country also has a variety of restaurants, 4-star hotels, ranging from ibis styles bangkok ratchada and other hotels. For those of you who like to gather with friends, in Bangkok, many unique cafes can provide unimaginable sensations for visitors who come.

You certainly also should not miss the opportunity to stop by a row of unique cafes in Bangkok when traveling to Thailand later. This cool hangout is guaranteed to make you captivated and at home linger there.

The following is a list of unique cafes in Bangkok, which unfortunately if you skip it.

1. Unicorn Cafe

You who love mythological creatures, unicorns, of course, will be very happy to Unicorn Cafe located at Soi Sathorn 8.

Each corner of the cafe is decorated with various decorations and beautiful pastel colors. In addition to the interior, the entire menu is also served interestingly because of its colorful appearance. But, if you look at this dish, it seems you don’t have the heart to enjoy it.

2. Little Zoo Cafe

Little Zoo Cafe is a suitable destination for those of you who want to spend time with cute animals such as raccoons, foxes, ghost laborers, and many more. In addition to being a cool hangout, this cafe can also be used as a destination to release the stress you know.

Playing with these adorable creatures can indeed help you unwind. Another attraction that this cafe has is its delicious coffee offerings and affordable prices. For those of you who want to go there, you can stop by Bond St, Ban Mai, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120.

3. Sanrio Hello Kitty House

Sanrio Hello Kitty House is arguably the dream place for lovers of cute and adorable cat characters, Hello Kitty. All the ornaments and furniture in the restaurant were filled with pink elements.

In addition to relaxing and tasting delicious menus, this dining place is also often used as a destination for selfie trips. No need to be surprised, because every corner of Sanrio Hello Kitty House does look very beautiful and Instagramable. This unique cafe in Bangkok is located in the Pathum Wan area.

4. Perhaps Rabbits’ Cafe

The unique cafe concept in Bangkok was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The interior design is made very nicely with the presence of various decorations that illustrate the popular fairy tale. While there, you will feel like being in the world of imagination or fairyland!

The fascinated by the appearance of this cafe, that’s fine. But, don’t forget to taste the special menus that are so busy taking part in cool spots. This hangout has a variety of desserts that are pleasing to the eye and certainly delicious to eat.

5. Bico, a unique cafe in Bangkok

Not just a place to enjoy a delicious glass of coffee, Bico Cafe is also a place to hang out the bicycle community in Bangkok you know.

In addition to community members, young people there also often choose this cafe as a gathering destination. The place is super cozy. Another attraction of this cafe is a bicycle care service that can be enjoyed by bikers.


The charm of the Kpop Bangtan Boys group, or familiarly called BTS, turned out to be the reason for the establishment of this cafe. As Army, as a BTS hard-line fan, you certainly can’t miss this place on the list of vacation destinations in Bangkok.

The interior of the cafe is decorated with murals and photos of BTS members. Videos and hits from the boy band also always echo in this cafe. Duh, this cafe manager knows what the Army wants.

By mirelas