Polite & Appropriate, these 6 Ethics Dress to Attend Funeral Events

Death is one thing that will be faced by all living creatures, including humans. When we are in an atmosphere of mourning, surely, we must still respect the moment and the family left behind. If you need a funeral service provider for appropriate atmosphere for relatives and friends, you can contact the funeral parlour Sydney.

One of them is by wearing a polite and appropriate dressing. Therefore, here are six ethics of dressing to attend a funeral to remain polite and appropriate!

  1. Wear black clothes

From ancient times, the color black is usually synonymous with funerals. The shade of black is indeed one of the most fitting colors used for a grieving atmosphere. In addition, avoid wearing clothes with bright colors like yellow, red, and blue because you can be considered impolite and disrespectful of the family left behind.

  • Polite and closed

Try to wear modest clothes and not be too open when attending a funeral. Choose clothes that are covered, neat, and also not too tight when worn. Avoid wearing clothes that can attract a lot of attention from other invited guests who come.

  • Use simple accessories

So that it doesn’t look too flashy, it’s better to try not to wear any jewelry or accessories when you want to visit a funeral home or funeral. However, if you still want to wear it, then wear simple jewelry and don’t look too crowded when worn.

  • Don’t wear sandals or open shoes

Choose footwear in the form of closed shoes with dark colors that match the clothes you wear. In addition, if you also want to attend the funeral, please choose footwear that is comfortable to use for moving a lot.

  • No need to wear thick makeup

Wearing heavy makeup or makeup while attending a grieving event doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. Avoid using makeup with striking colors. It is better to apply foundation and powder thinly, then apply blush on with a natural color, and nude lipstick so that the face is not too pale.

  • Always prepare a scarf in the bag

It never hurts for you to always prepare a scarf while attending a funeral, or even during a funeral procession. A scarf can be one useful thing that can protect you from the heat of the sun, or even cover a puffy face after crying.

There are six dress ethics that you should pay attention to when you attend a funeral. Apart from all that, you must still maintain politeness in attitude. For what you dress politely, but verbal and deed you cannot keep.

By mirelas