Perfecting Retaining Wall as a Park

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These tips are suitable for those of you who have homes in mountainous or contoured areas. To create a dream house that is beautiful, safe, and comfortable, houses in contoured areas usually have a retaining wall, a kind of retaining wall that prevents erosion.

This retaining wall can be maximized by its function and beauty by making it a planting medium. To be used as a planting medium, a retaining wall must have a terrace, so that its structure and appearance are like that of a terraced rice field. You can plant various types of flowers, grasses, and even trees. Besides making the area of ​​the house more beautiful, maximizing the function of the retaining wall will also help prevent erosion to a minimum. If you need the best retaining wall services with an attractive design, just visit

Types of plants that can complement retaining walls vary according to soil type, depth or height, and width of the land. If the retaining wall is quite gentle and wide, you can plant several small trees, such as apple or orange trees.

For those of you who like to cook and want the maximum benefits of retaining walls, try planting them with vegetables or herbs, such as mustard greens, broccoli, onions, and carrots. This vegetable weaving does not need wide enough media. You are also free to replace it with various other types of plants.

For those of you who are not painstaking in caring for plants, you should choose plants that are easy to live in various conditions with high durability, such as the type of succulents. Also, plant several types of weeds if you want a more natural look. These types of plants do not need much care. You can get a beautiful garden without being too busy.

Retaining walls do not have to be made of new material. Use used materials such as tiles, leftover bricks, and large stones around the house to be arranged into a retaining wall. But, of course, you have to be more careful to build it so that the structure is strong, not easy to collapse. Strengthen with braided wire so that the structure is more resistant. Other materials that can be used are used car tires. Arrange car tires according to the contour with laying horizontally (lying). Fill the tire with soil, then plant it with various flower plants that you like.