Teamwork may be more easily formed when all team members work in the same office, or at least they are in locations that are not far from each other. However, what if we work remotely and still have to interact and collaborate with other team members, where they are also far from each other? Can we create solid teamwork with this condition? To create a solid and the best teamwork, you can make it happen by visiting https://www.hiddendoor.com.au/.

Working remotely is a work activity that does not require him to complete work obligations in the office because people who work remotely can choose the place that they want to complete their work. In other words, working remotely does not mean working as usual, where an employee must sit in front of his laptop or PC from 9 am to 5 pm. In short, we work remotely. Types of remote work can also vary. For example, web developers, programmers, content writers, and many more. Remote jobs have convinced us that the office is not the only ideal place to work. However, all the places we feel safe and comfortable can also be used as a place to work.

There are 4 ways that we can apply in building strong teamwork for teams that work remotely, namely as follows:

Determine Clear Remote Goals, Expectations, and Workflows

The first way we can do in forming strong teamwork among remote workers is to set clear goals, expectations, and workflows. It is intended that the communication that exists between them has a clear direction of communication. Also serves to minimize miscommunication or misunderstanding between remote team members. Every remote employee must know and understand when they need to make time to be able to discuss together when they have to convey ideas, and so on. By setting the right communication time, we are actually gathering remote team members to work together and form strong teamwork.

Another thing that needs to be done is to document all the workflows very well. Do not have to work far apart, then the work documentation is also not neatly arranged. As a result, misunderstanding and mutual blame will occur among remote employees. Documented workflows also make it easier for companies or leaders to review the performance of their remote employees.

Make the Most of Technology Development

Technology can make it easier for remote workers to keep sitting in their places and use technology to discuss with each other. This is why technology is a tool that really allows us to work remotely.

Maintaining good communication between remote employees is very important and technology can be the right intermediary in this regard. To build strong teamwork, we need to adjust the schedule and set a time where we will hold work meetings via video conferencing, or other forms of communication that feel necessary to do.

Intertwined communication is not just formal communication. Informal communication can also be carried out by remote members. For example, exchanging greetings on Facebook or exchanging ideas on Twitter direct messages. Of all the social platforms, we can choose which social platform is suitable for building strong teamwork among our remote members.

Set a Special Schedule that All Remote Team Members Must Adhere To

In addition, determining the time in the team is also very important because remote workers do not necessarily have the same time availability. It could be that they are working in countries and locations that are very far apart, making it difficult for them to determine a time where all remote team members can meet each other in a video conference. Not only that, each remote employee may have different preferences at work. There are those who like to work in the morning or some who prefer to work at night.

The solution, all remote team members must set a specific time and schedule that must be obeyed by all team members. The goal is that they all can communicate with each other at one time, even though they have different work time preferences.

Set a Time to Meet Directly

It’s true that technology has helped us to connect with each other more easily, but still, nothing can replace the euphoria or the sense of enthusiasm that we feel when meeting with work team members directly.

This can be an effective way of strengthening teamwork among team members who work remotely. Set a time that all members can attend to go out together. In this case, the team members can go to the coffee shop together or maybe have dinner together. They also don’t need to talk about work. As the communication between them is well established, the teamwork formed will be even stronger.

By mirelas