Tips for Moving the Office Professionally

When moving offices can be a long and tiring process. Given a large amount of office inventory that must be brought, as well as adjustments and room settings in the new office later. However, if everything has been planned carefully and the process of moving offices is well managed, then the process can be completed on time and without losing work time. The following are tips for an efficient, professional office move, so the process is easy and timely:

Rent a Good Moving Service

Choose a moving service company that has a good reputation and experience. The company certainly does not want office equipment or documents damaged during the transfer process. Pro Removals Sydney also provides professional moving services at competitive prices.

Choosing a New Office

Short-term office rentals are more appropriate for startup companies. Choose an office that offers a flexible rental period, if you are not sure you will rent for a long time. And adjust it to your needs, is the office to be rented big enough? Rent an office that is estimated to be sufficient to accommodate all employees when the company develops later.


Safety is a factor that must also be considered. Is the new location a security team on guard or is there a surveillance camera (CCTV). Make sure there is nothing dangerous that could threaten business continuity and this must be decisive when deciding to move offices.

List of Important Activities

Make a timeline of important activities that must be done when returning to work after moving offices. For example, the schedule when insurance policy replacement must be done from the old office to the new office. Plan and design how your office should look. Will there be a change in theme, atmosphere, and appearance of the old office? Do you need new furniture? Also, take the time to get the permits and licenses needed to do business in the new office later.

Allocate Resources

There must be a budget related to freight services to be moved to a new office. Employees must be willing to help tidy up and prepare files or equipment if needed and this can certainly reduce expenses.

Enter into the Box

Give all employees a box or cardboard and tell them to write their names and divisions. Each piece of furniture and equipment must be labeled with a name, making sure all employees hold the responsibility of making sure personal items are packaged and shipped according to their names.

Inventory Updates

If you ever think about upgrading office equipment, then this is the right time. Conduct an audit of all existing stationery and furniture. Count all items and update the inventory list. Especially for old companies, there may be some furniture that is damaged and no longer needed so it must be discarded.

By mirelas